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Happy Halloween

Spooky cybersecurity statistics to help you prepare for the worst! A cyberattack is a scary event. It can shut down businesses, cripple governments and incapacitate entire countries if the right measures are not taken against [...]

Celebrating 10 Years

On July 17th, 2010 Junopi started as a one man IT company with the goal of providing uncompromising technology support paired with outstanding customer service. We are beyond excited to celebrate 10 years of [...]

Weakest Link

Who is the weakest link in your company? As more and more small businesses are being targeted by scammers, hackers and phishing attempts, how confident are you in your employees to be the last line [...]

Hurricane Season

In just a few days we are back to our least favorite season of all - Hurricane Season! Preparing for these natural disasters is important. Unfortunately, for most people, preparation ends up being put on [...]

Guest Wireless Networks

Most businesses have a wireless network, but does your business have a guest wireless network? Understanding the difference is key for keeping your data secure and getting the best performance possible from your business [...]

World Backup Day

This Sunday, March 31st, is World Backup Day - and while this may not be an official holiday, your team at Junopi is very passionate about backups (we have unfortunately seen too many data loss [...]

Password Security

Everyone knows that there is danger in having a weak password or using the same password in multiple places. However, confusion comes in when we start to think about what that actually means. How [...]