Outstanding customer service speaks for itself, but don’t just take our word for it; continue reading below for some amazing client stories & testimonials

“When I came to work for this very busy medical practice, we still had paper charts, no email, no scanners and only two actual PC’s in the entire office. I have been here for three years now and all of that has changed. We now have 25 PC’s and are a paperless office (as much as you can actually be paperless anyway). I don’t know how I would ever had made it through all of the changes without Alan and his team at Junopi. These three years have been extremely stressful for me. I am not what you would call a “techy” person, so working with all of them has made the transitions so much easier. Alan pretty much just took over for me with regards to all of the “techy” stuff so that I did not have to worry about that. I love that I can call on them anytime and they are always there to help. I send an email, they create a case and take care of whatever the issue is immediately. I have the utmost respect and admiration for this company and would recommend them to everyone. I cannot imagine coming to work each day without the peace of mind that Alan and his team are taking care of everything for me. To me, they are family.”

Lori Martin • Office Administrator, Orthopedic Associates of Cape Coral

“We currently have multiple businesses that depend on technology. We have been working with Junopi since their early start and feel so lucky to have them, not only as an IT vendor/consultant but even more as a partner. They are always available in assisting, maintaining, and suggesting ideas to improve our businesses technologically. I have no fear of computer crashes, viruses, or even maintaining these systems because of Junopi’s service. Along with maintenance, Junopi has been a life saver in so many different aspects. At any moment I can call and they will be right there servicing all of our IT needs, putting themselves at our level to understand the problem and they will always come up with solution that fit our needs in a very timely manner. Great Company, Great Service but even more, Great people.”

Gil Morzaniga • CEO, Croci North America

“Knowledgeable, reliable and exceptional are just a few words that I would use to describe the Junopi Team. Their individualized approach is such a refreshing departure from the usual one-size-fits-all technical support formula. Junopi frequently reviews the “total picture” of our organization to assess areas of vulnerability and then uses their evaluation to provide detailed and proactive recommendations. We are grateful to have established such a successful collaboration with Junopi and we consider our alliance priceless!”

Ashly Wester • Human Resources, Forsberg Construction Inc.

“We have worked with Junopi since 2016 and have been extremely happy with the care and service we have received. The staff works closely with us to ensure that we have the products that work best for us. They have helped us to update our equipment, protect our information, and have saved us a significant amount of money in doing so. I am confident that our business IT needs are being met and that in the event of an IT emergency we are protected. I feel very confident with their recommendations, and have been so pleased with their customer service. Alan, Fanny, and Will are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have worked with some of our staff members who have little to no IT experience, and they are so kind and helpful. They take the time to make sure that we are comfortable with the equipment. I highly recommend Junopi for your IT needs. They have surpassed my expectations.”

Wendy Smith • Director of Operations, Lamb of God Church

“Junopi is always there for us when we need support for IT problems with any software or hardware. We don’t need to stress over it because we know we’ll get a response right away and that Alan and his team will be pulling out all the stops to fix it. In addition to fixing IT problems, they’ve also recommended new and better products to us that we’ve implemented in order to streamline business operations and save money in the process. I highly recommend Junopi for their exceptional level of support they provide any time there is a need for it!”

Victoria Blauet • Financial Administrator / Office Manager, TriCircle Pavers, Inc.

“We sell time for money: if our systems are down, so is our ability to service our clients. We are Hans Wilson & Associates, Inc., a consulting engineering firm and Junopi is part of our ‘family.’ They know us personally, who we are, what we do, and keep ‘our’ needs in the forefront of everything they do! We place our entire trust in their abilities to keep every aspect of our computer system a go! They usually know something is awry before we do and that is the confidence every prudent business owner should be afforded. They are proactive, innovative, and always available!! THANK YOU Junopi ~ we wouldn’t want to do what we do without you all!”

Robin Mixon • CFO, Hans Wilson & Associates, Inc.

“We have been working with Junopi for almost 10 years. We have worked with many hosting and networking companies over the years but have been with Junopi the longest and for good reasons. They, hands down, have the quickest response for any issue that may arise. But that is not the main reason because, honestly, we have used a couple companies in the past that also responded quickly. The main reason is that the response always come with great knowledge of solving the issue and is fixed quickly. Anyone can have customer service respond quickly…it is finding and implementing a solution or fix that is paramount. When I speak of issues, they are almost always on our end since we have a fairly complex setup across multiple servers and we are always trying to implement bleeding edge technology. Junopi knows our system intimately and advises us on multiple options and also on what they feel is the best option based on server performance and scalability. I can testify that you will not be treated like a number with Junopi. They care about your business, your servers and your network as if it was their own.”

Shawn Sommer • CEO & Lead Developer, Direct Axess

 “Junopi has been working as our IT firm for almost 6 years now and we are extremely happy. Alan and his team are always there to help, they go above and beyond the call of duty. They’re proactive and call to check on us when they notice the system is down. They provide our company with excellent IT support. We can always count on the team at Junopi to help out with our needs.”

Debbie Wyatt • Human Resources / Payroll Manager, Lee Drywall, Inc.

 “My experience with Junopi has been nothing short of fantastic. Our company works with them very closely, and they have always gone above and beyond to meet our needs. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to assist whenever we call on them, no matter the request. We rely on them to boost our in-house IT department, and they work seamlessly within that structure. Not only do they take great care in fixing our problems, they work with us to make sure we know what’s going on every step of the way. Additionally, they have helped us make great strides in our network security and overall workflow procedures by making sure we have all the appropriate equipment and systems for our business. It’s a great comfort knowing that no matter what we need, Junopi has our back. ”

Courtney Whittamore • IT Director, Fireservice Disaster Kleenup, Inc.

“When our former computer tech retired after 20 years, we were unsure of who would be as dedicated and concerned for our needs. It was like changing doctors after all these years. Will they have the same high level skills and understand the most current trends related to our system? Fortunately, when we put the word out to some of our clients, we immediately heard from them and they raved about Alan, his staff, and his company, Junopi. They could not say enough good things about them. We knew we had found our new tech. They give excellent service and are very reliable in their follow-up online and at our office along with superior knowledge of what an IT company can do for you. They do more then we could have ever imagined. The best part is that they really care about us and our company.”

Gary F. Wallace • President & Shareholder, Wallace, Sizelove & Company, P.A.

“Junopi has top notch customer service! They are usually able to fix any problem with one phone call and if not over the phone it is never very long until they can swing by our office to help. We appreciate everyone at Junopi.”

Jerry Murphy • President, All About Closets, Inc.

“As a long term user of Junopi, they have always been helpful with every and any task we’ve thrown their way. From printers to connection issues, they have helped us with it all. Quick responses and timely results come standard with Junopi. They have a simple communication process that makes working with them seamless. We are happy to have a long working relationship with Junopi and plan to continue into the future.”

Summer Rogers • Business Manager, Parr Moto

“Junopi was a life saver for our new company.  After trying to build our own server, Alan and his team jumped into our system to see what they could do for us.  Turned out we purchased the wrong server!  So, Alan offered us his services and we have been soooo Happy!  The team at Junopi are very courteous, very, very helpful and when you ask them to do something, it is done almost immediately!!  So happy we went with Junopi.”

Debbie Kern • Owner & Manager, Next Medical Billing Enterprise, LLC

“We have been working with Junopi services now for a couple years and after going through multiple tech companies for multiple reasons we have found Junopi to be the most knowledgeable and reliable company for our business. They are not the cheapest (nor do we want that from our experience) but if you appreciate quality, and knowledge over price then this is the company I would recommend. We plan to work with them for many years to come.”

Matthew Lombardo • President & CEO, Lombardo Landscaping

“We have been using Junopi for several years now. The customer care they provide is A+. Since we have been using Junopi we have had no issues with viruses, malware or spam. Our computer systems work smoothly and we have had no issues or errors. When we are adding new equipment or making changes to our systems they are always prompt, efficient and friendly. We enjoy working with Alan, Fanny and the rest of the crew and would recommend them highly.”

Barbi Koenig • Purchasing Manager / Human Resources, ALUFAB USA INC.

“My firm has worked with Alan and Junopi for many years on various IT projects including virtualization, web hosting, and network security. Alan’s IT knowledge and practical approach to technology is superior to most professionals I know. We find Junopi to be a trustworthy and reliable partner and highly recommend them.”

Tom R. Holmlund • President, Acarte’ Technology Services, Inc.

“We have been working with Alan for many years and I would not think of letting anyone else handle our IT. Junopi is always on the cutting edge and has always steered us in the right direction with any IT related issues. One of the few things I never worry about – from backups to ensuring all equipment operates as it should. Awesome company.”

Gary Augustinsen • President, iWater

“I have been a customer for 2 years and my experience with Junopi is priceless. They offer an excellent service, knowledge and well trained staff. They know what’s best for each customer plus they are accessible by phone or in person. They are easy to work with and always available.”

Elianne Abiad • Office Manager, RG Architects, PA

“Very professional. Fast troubleshooting response time. Great at explaining solutions in laymen terms. I always feel like I am their #1 client. I highly recommend Junopi.”

“Alan and his team have been our go-to IT specialists for years. His services run the gamut of customizing new computer systems to monitoring our server to answering questions on a range of IT topics. His availability is impeccable – providing even after-hours and weekend service to keep our computer system running. We have peace of mind knowing that he is available for our IT needs.”

Leah Meshelle Snyder • Attorney & President, Leah Meshelle Snyder, PA

“When Creative World School encounters problems, Alan and his team get to it in a very timely manner. No B.S. – just results. They are also very good at explaining things on a level that I can understand. I don’t have a lot of expertise and somewhat of a mental block when it comes to the inner workings of computers.”

Mike Williams • Director of Building & Development, Creative World School, Inc.

“GMA Architects & Planners has been working with Junopi since 2015. Junopi, Alan and his team have always been very responsive, friendly and reactive to any and all issues. GMA would recommend Junopi to any of our colleagues.”

Becky Gibbard • Office Manager / Marketing, GMA Architects & Planners

“Running a small business is always stressful but Alan and his team just make my life easier! Whether I have a question about how to best protect my firm’s data, route a phone call, or suggestions to improve my firm’s computers, they always give honest recommendations and great customer service!”

Noelle Melanson • Attorney & President, Melanson Law, PA

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