Whether you are new to VoIP phone systems or are interested in switching your current system over to 3CX, we have compiled a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Why should I use 3CX or switch to 3CX?

The most common reasons potential customers are looking into investing in a new system are:

  1. opening of a new office or location
  2. the current system is too old or expensive to upgrade and/or expand
  3. upgrading to a modern unified communications system (phone, video, mobile and SMS/chat)
  4. the current system has high maintenance cost
  5. missing modern features like SMS/MMS, mobile app/calling and integration with 3rd party software (MS Teams, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and CRM)

How expensive is 3CX?

Compared to a traditional phone system, 3CX is inexpensive to operate and offers a variety of different hosting options that will determine your monthly costs. 3CX operates on an SC (simoultanous call) license vs. the traditional ‘per extension/per line’ fees and on average costs 80% less than comparable providers. Hosting the phone system on-premise vs. in the cloud will also determine your monthly costs. 3CX offers unlimited extension, so many companies report savings from day one. If you are interested in an actual price comparison, please reach out to us and we can provide an estimate for your specific needs and wants.

Does my current hardware work with 3CX?

That depends on the age and brand of your current hardware. Some newer phone models can work with 3CX but many customers coming from an older style legacy system have outdated phones that need to be upgraded. New hardware is very affordable and is usually a one-time cost. If you are interested in a hardware quote for a new 3CX phone system, please reach out to us.

How hard is it to learn a new system?

3CX is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. The phones, mobile/web app and the SMS/chat feature are very simple and easy to learn. Junopi includes free user training for all new systems we install to make sure all employees know how to use the system and take advantage of the features it offers.

I have never heard of 3CX before, is it a new provider?

3CX was founded in 2005 and has grown to over 600K customers worldwide. Its competitive and transparent pricing structure, simplicity, and ease of use along with flexible hardware & hosting options make it a very attractive VoIP provider that Junopi stands behind and supports. If you are unsure if switching to 3CX is the right move for your company, please reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a demo. You can also check out the names of other companies that are currently using 3CX

What is the best feature of 3CX?

There are many amazing features within 3CX, but at Junopi we love the mobile app that allows us to make calls ‘from the office’ while we are working from home, from a conference, or while onsite at a customer. Using the 3CX app will allow you to dial out via the office phone system, so anyone you call will see the office number, not your personal cell phone. To us, that is an amazing and very useful feature. If you want to see what other features 3CX offers, check out this link.

I’m interested, can I get a demo?

Absolutely! You can come to our office for an in-person demo or we can invite you to an online demo where you can see the system and its features. Send us an email (support@junopi.com) or give us a call (239-344-9056) if you are interested in setting up a demo or learning more about the system.