Meet the team that is solving your head scratchers

We are a small team of dedicated, hard working and passionate problem solvers that won’t stop until we find the right solution for you. We love our jobs, work way too many hours (and continue when we get home), we tinker, test and enjoy playing with new hardware & software tools. But most importantly, we are thrilled when we get to help a client. Making your day run smoother, eliminating your IT problems and keeping your business running at its best is the ultimate reward.

Alan Bildzukewicz
CEO & Founder of Junopi, 24/7 Onsite & Remote Hero, Father of Four, Geek at Heart, Off-road Explorer
Tom Holmlund
VP & Client Relationship Manager, Awesome Husband, Father of Two, Iowa Native, Sports Fan, Technology Enthusiast
JB Ackley
Senior Support Technician, Husband, Dad, Veteran, Off-road Enthusiast, Firefighter
Fanny Kuhn
Support Technician, Bookkeeper, Mom of Three, German-Import, Outdoors Lover, Photographer, Cat Lady
Ben Knight
Remote & Onsite Support Technician, Dad, Space Enthusiast, Troubleshooter
Brenden Bangle
Remote & Onsite Support Technician, Husband, Dad, Technology Enthusiast
Robert Holmlund
Remote & Onsite Support Technician, Sports Enthusiast, Traveler
Tara Bildzukewicz
Bookkeeping & Office Assistant, Wife & Mom of Two, Beach Lover, Gardener