As hurricane season peaks in September we wanted to post a few important reminders to keep your equipment save before, during and after any storm:

  • Do not unplug your server or other crucial equipment without properly shutting them down first. If you decide to move the server and/or power off your equipment, please give us a call so we can safely shut it down for you and avoid costly data loss.
  • Do not bag your server and/or network equipment while it is still running. While it may protect against water, your equipment will fail due to overheating
  • Do not run your server and/or network equipment on a generator. The voltage output is rarely adequate enough to run all of your equipment and may destroy the power supplies.
  • Please have users take a picture of the back of the computer with all cords still attached if you decide to unplug and move individual workstations. This step will avoid the guessing game when everyone returns to work
  • Do not rip out cables while unplugging equipment, some cables have tabs that need to be depressed before they can be unplugged
  • Power outages most often outlast a battery backup, so please shut down any workstation battery backups after the workstation has been properly shut down (we can walk you through shutting down any server/network battery backups)
  • In the event of water intrusion into your building (ceiling or floor), do not power on any equipment to avoid electrical damage
  • Please verify that you have good backups in place, either by having offsite backups (stored out of state) or onsite backups (physical device in your building)

If you need any assistance prior to or after a storm, Junopi can assist you with backup questions and server & network equipment concerns. Stay safe!