Most businesses have a wireless network, but does your business have a guest wireless network? Understanding the difference is key for keeping your data secure and getting the best performance possible from your business network. Keep reading to learn more about guest wireless networks and why they are critical for businesses.

How do most businesses use wireless networks?

Before we jump into guest networks, let’s discuss how most businesses use wireless networks. At Junopi, all of our clients have their own wireless network. It has its own name and password for teams to use. This way, everyone has access to the same network along with its servers and assets. Unfortunately, this is where most businesses stop the implementation. The truth is that businesses are putting themselves at risk by not having a separate guest network in place.

How does having a guest wireless network protect businesses?

If a guest using the business network has an infection or issue on their hardware it could spread throughout the entire network. This is why every business should have a secondary guest wireless network that only has access to the internet. Why? It’s safer because any infections or bugs on a guests’ system will be blocked by the firewall and the business network will stay protected.

Why guest wireless networks matter internally

Businesses have more than just guests to consider. They should also think about devices their employees bring into the workplace like cell phones, laptops and smart watches. These devices shouldn’t connect to the business wireless network, as those pose a significant security risk. However, aside from that it can also impact the performance of the business network overall.

Do you need new hardware to have a guest wireless network?

Most of our clients already have the hardware they need to put a guest wireless network in place. We highly recommend these networks to our clients and use multiple wireless networks at our office. We have a business wireless network for our office devices and a guest wireless network for visitors and personal devices. We also have a third network for smart devices like lights and door locks. We use multiple networks every day to keep our office secure and that’s why we can confidently recommend this to our clients.

Have questions about guest wireless networks? Reach out to our support team and we can help. You can also see more resources from us by visiting our blog.