Who is the weakest link in your company?

As more and more small businesses are being targeted by scammers, hackers and phishing attempts, how confident are you in your employees to be the last line of defense?

Already have security hardware & software in place?

You are on the right track to protecting your business, but the truth is that human error is still the #1 way hackers get into your network. Many employees are too trusting and rarely take a closer look at suspicious emails, attachments or websites. Having the best firewall, antivirus and backup in place will not protect you if one of your employees is unaware of the potential danger of clicking on that legitimate looking computer pop-up or that funny video link that was forwarded from a co-worker.

What are some ways employees get ‘tricked’?

The list is long and growing by the day, but here are some examples:

  • opening email attachments from look-alike or unknown senders
  • clicking on links that seem trustworthy or came from a trusted source
  • accessing dangerous look-alike websites and domain names
  • using weak passwords on business related websites like cloud software applications, online banking & accounting websites
  • sharing of confidential information via email to look-alike email addresses
  • responding to trustworthy looking security / antivirus pop-ups on company computers
  • phishing attacks from employees social media platforms (hackers will gather information like employment history, co-workers and business relationships to target them directly)

What should I do to protect my business?

Turn your weakest link into your biggest asset. By educating and training your last line of defense, you dramatically decrease your risk of employees falling for scamming, phishing and hacking attempts. Junopi is here to assist by educating your employees and providing training sessions on how to identify fraudulent emails and email attachments, learn which pop-ups are legitimate and understand the risk associated with unknown links or websites. Junopi can also set you up with security awareness tools and training that will help reduce human error within any business.

If you would like to schedule a security awareness training or are interested in what tools are available, please reach out to us anytime!